“Awaken Your Body & Feel Truly Alive”

Embodyment & Pleasure Coaching Sessions are about helping you to experience, and enjoy all of the wonderful sensations that are available to you. My gentle, intimate approach can help you to reconnect with your body,  and discover amazing new ways to experience pleasure.

“We help people to get really comfortable in their skin, and learn how to enjoy it again.” – Betty Martin

Embodyment Coaching: Rediscover your body, enjoy heightened sensations, feel more present, involved and alive within everything that you do.

Pleasure Coaching: Move past whatever is holding you back, and claim the intimacy that you truly desire: grow in confidence and choice, learn new skills, overcome sexual issues and concerns, create variety, and reclaim your intimate enjoyment.

“We teach through body experiences designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self.” – Caffyn Jesse


 “Without you knowing how to choose and communicate, your body cannot relax into pleasure, no matter how hard ‘you’ try.” – Betty Martin

Consent is fundamental to everything that I do, which means that I will help you to choose, and communicate what you want. So at no point are you ever expected to go beyond your level of comfort.  You will be supported to:

  • focus on your body.
  • listen to your body.
  • sense where you require touch.
  • ask for the touch that you want.
  • notice what you can feel in your body.
  • notice and let go of distractions (as they arise).
  • notice if something feels wrong, and express it.
  • notice when something feels nice, and allow it.

Whether you are going about your daily life or experiencing juicy intimacy. Feeling pleasure can result from many things; a relaxing bath, delicious food, sensitive touch or a loving connection. My touch and guidance will help you to recognize, experience and to enjoy more.

“We touch in ways that assist people in developing presence within the body, opening interior awareness, and learning how the body can feel more and more alive.” – Caffyn Jesse

I work happily with all shapes, sizes, ages and genders of people – Individuals, and people in relationships wishing to learn skills together.

I offer Coaching Sessions in Totnes, South Devon. For more information, or to book your first appointment, please email Dawn: sensoryawareness@yahoo.co.uk.