I offer my deep gratitude and respect to all the people that have taken the time to write the  feedback comments listed on this page:

thumb_IMG_8439_1024“I am feeling more embodied, grounded, solid and present in my body. I feel less anxious, less fragile, my energy feels stronger, and my passion is rising. My whole nervous system to a much more balanced place. I’m enjoying my life again, and these traumas feel much less significant. That is something I was really not expecting.” –  September 2015

“I think you started to unlock something. Your question about where I would like to be in 3 months time is an interesting one, and started to tap into my deeper emotions.” – September 2015

“I wasn’t  sure what to  expect but you  made me  so comfortable  and the  experience  you  gave  me  was  both instructive  and  pleasurable. It was  as though  I have  been living  in a  state of energetic  tension  for a long time  and  suddenly it just  dissipated  and drained  away.” – September 2015

“Thank you for today. I thought your welcome and ability to put me at ease was brilliant. You have a very special talent.” – October 2015

“Thanks for the session today. You were very non judgmental and understanding and created a space were I felt safe to explore my sexuality. I think you are doing good in the world which is in desperate need of guilt free sexual healing.” – May 2016

“I feel totally energized and embodied. You are a gifted healer” – June 2016

“The session opened lots of thoughts and feelings. I experienced a new intensity in my mind and body which lasted for sometime after the session.” – June 2016

“A talented therapist qualified in her field, coming from a base of genuine caring and kindness, an awesome combination. If like me your head is a mess from 21st century living, let Dawn open your highways to pleasure, and reconnect to something I remember from my teens. The old saying of don’t knock it till you’ve tried it certainly applies here, give it a go, you wont be disappointed.” – August 2017

“Many thanks for your work with me over the last six months.  It has been most valuable in gently helping me work out a new approach to life.  I am finding a better sense of balance, both physical and mental. I never realised I needed a ‘life coach’, or that I would find one who is both patient and sympathetic to my requirements.” – December 2017

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