What is Embodyment?

by Dawn @ Sensual Somatics – Becoming Embodied can simply be noticing things that we normally miss, because our heads are too busy thinking about the future or the past. Being embodied helps us to train our attention. Our minds wander about 50% of the time… read more

Is it really possible to have an energy orgasm?

by Dawn @ Sensual Somatics – When in comes to touch there is so often so much pressure. What is the right touch? Do they want me to touch them? Should I know how to touch? How should I touch myself? What touch should I enjoy… read more

As a nation why are we so touchy about touch?

by Dawn @ Sensual Somatics – If a British child didn’t want to be touched, would they really know how to say NO? Are we creating generations of vulnerable young people, because we do not teach choice and consent around touch… read more

Can we enjoy pleasure, despite life’s barriers?

by Dawn @ Sensual somatics – I always admire my clients  determination and desire to reignite the pleasure in their life, as there are often complex barriers in their way, such as past surgery, long-standing illness, medication and their side effects… read more

Would you like to awaken your senses?

by Dawn @ Sensual Somatics – With the pressure of day to day life most of us can relate to putting politeness or other peoples needs before our own, such as putting off going to the toilet because of embarrassment, or eating things we don’t like, in case we hurt someones feelings… read more

Human beings are resilient, so does pleasure really matter?

by Dawn @ Sensual Somatics – Born out of a culture where arousal is often seen as bad, wrong or shameful, finding pleasure is like being an apprentice, with no expert to learn from. We are given a tool to work with and left in the dark, with no instructions. Where is the education in that… read more