What I Offer

For Individuals – Explore Whatever You Need To

imagest5jzrnh1Understand yourself sexuality, overcome barriers to sexual pleasure, and unlock your erotic potential. Within your first session you will explore a variety of touch sensations, to awaken your skin and your whole body. Once you master these essential skills you will be invited to explore a range of conscious experiences, selected to meet your specific needs.  The best way to learn something new is to experience it. Regular practice of these fun, effective techniques will unlock your sexual potential and allow you to enjoy a happier, more fulfilling sex life.

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For Couples – Strengthen Your Sexual Connection


These sessions will support  you both to identify & express your likes and dislikes, and to develop amazing new ways to connect with each other. Developing honest, simple ways to communicate during intimacy, really can make the world of difference. It allows you both to receive touch the way that you want it to be, rather than how your partner  thinks it should be: creating intimacy that feels confident, clear and full of choice.

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