What is Sex Coaching & Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork is a ground breaking, experiential approach to sex therapy, founded by Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. in 2003, as a new legal profession.

Private coaching sessions (combined with self directed practice) offer a joyful exploration into what feels right for you and your body on a moment to moment basis: You will learn to focus on the moment, and  to fully embrace sensation. Worries about what could go wrong or what has gone wrong in the past will seem insignificant. Instead you will learn about your body and how it responds to different types of stimulation. You will develop a clearer idea of what you like, and more importantly you will know what you really want right now. When you learn to really feel sensations, you will discover a whole new you. Your body will become incredibly sensitive. I you will feel things that you hadn’t ever thought possible.

What is the difference between conventional Sex Therapy and Sex Coaching?

Unlike conventional sex therapists – who talk to clients having sexual problems and give them advice on how to overcome them. Sex coaches – can work experientially with clients and use a range of techniques: talk, role-play or intimate physical approaches like touching or massage.

“With slow, skilful, careful touch, given in a safe situation, you can learn the pleasure that is possible.” – Caffyn Jesse

As defined by the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers:

“Sexological Bodywork™  is somatic, erotic education that assists individuals, couples and groups to deepen their experience of embodiment. Certified Sexological Bodyworkers are trained sexologists whose certification is approved by the State of California. We offer experiential learning opportunities that consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states. Our teaching involves a variety of instructive modalities, including breathwork, touch, erotic massage, pelvic release bodywork, scar tissue remediation, and Orgasmic Yoga coaching.

Sexological Bodyworkers are somatic sex educators. We teach through body experiences designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self. These experiences can include coaching in breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication, anatomy, sensate focus, massage, erotic trance and other body-based teaching about sex. Uniquely in the professions, we are trained to do genital and anal touch for education, healing and pleasure. We touch in ways that assist students in developing presence within the body, opening interior awareness, and learning how the body can feel more and more alive.

To read the full article written by Caffyn Jesse please click here.

“We create a safe space for you to explore and learn about your body and what it is capable of.” – Jason Hall

What are your protocols and boundaries?

To ensure that our clients emotional and physical needs always come first, Certified Sexological Bodyworkers abide by a Code of Ethics: The practitioner always remains clothed, touch is one-directional from practitioner to you, guided by you. Touch will only be given at your request and solely for your own benefit, education, and pleasure.

* We are also trained to teach Betty Martin’s ‘Wheel of Consent’. In this case touch can be two-way, is clothed, and will not involve the sexual organs of either person.

“I agree to guide touch to ensure that it is always beneficial, educational, and pleasurable for me.” – Client Intake Form

Are you qualified?

I am a qualified complementary therapist, with over 5 years experience of supporting people. I have been trained by some of the worlds leading Sex Educators, and have earned my Sexological Bodywork Certificate from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. I also bring my own personal experience, which has profoundly shaped my passion for this work.

Where are you located?

In Totnes, Devon.

Who do you help?

I work happily with anyone who needs my help –  all shapes, sizes, ages and genders of people. Individuals and with people in relationships wishing to learn skills together.

Is my information kept confidential?

Yes, I adhere to professional standards of confidentiality.

What happens if I have medical issues?

Bodywork should not be considered as a substitute for physical or psychological examination, diagnosis, or treatment.

Do I get naked?

This is your choice.

Do  I get touched intimately?

This is your choice.

Do you touch me, or do I touch myself?

This is your choice? Sessions provide opportunities for you to consciously receive touch and massage. You can choose to involve self-touch within an element of Coaching called self pleasure coaching. If for any reason none of these methods feel appropriate then your sex coach can always demonstrate using props.

Do I climax/orgasm?

This is your choice.

Do I communicate?

This is your choice. Learning simple ways to choose and communicate during intimacy  will allow you to receive and to give touch in new ways that are profoundly satisfying.

“Without you knowing how to choose and communicate, your body cannot relax into pleasure, no matter how hard ‘you’ try.” – Betty Martin

Do I self pleasure?

This is your choice. When learning an instrument we attend regular lessons, but it also helps to practice on your own between lessons.  Our body learns in the same way. A regular self pleasure practice at home “between sessions” is a great way to develop new erotic skills.

Do I practice at home?

This is your choice. Research indicates that the best way to learn something with your body is to experience it, followed by regular practice over time. You will get lots of experience and practice by attending regular Coaching Sessions, but home practice will help you to learn quicker, and you will get more benefit from your sessions if you do.

“At first, a new skill might feel stiff and awkward. But as we practice, it gets smoother, and feels more natural and comfortable.” – Jason Shen

What if I change my mind in the middle of a session?

This is your choice. Any change of mind is welcomed. You are always encouraged to connect with what feels right for you and your body, on a moment to moment basis.

“I understand that I am responsible for communicating verbally if I change my mind about something I have previously given consent for.” – Client Intake Form